Lumiere Time vom 15. September 2019

Aus rechtlichen Gründen stehen Podcasts nur 7 Tage ab Ausstrahlung zur Verfügung. Due to legal reasons podcasts will only be available for 7 days after initial broadcast.

Lumiere Jazz Time: Blaue Rosen (Americana)
The Appalucians: Bright hills (self, Titel 1+2+3) 
The Black Sorrows: Citizen John (Blue Rose, 1+2+3)
Dan Navarro: Shed my skin (Blue Rose, 1+2) 
Joseph Parsons: Digging for rays (Blue Rose, 1+2+10)
Cej: Clovis man (self, 2+3)
I See Hakws In LA: Live and never learn (Blue Rose, 1+2) 
Cody Canada & The Departed: 3 (Blue Rose, 1+2+3)
Walter Salas-Humara: Walterio (Blue Rose, 1+2+3)
The Currys: This side of the glass (self, 1+2)
Kate Fenner: Middle voice (self, 1+2+3).

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