galactic retro-futurism
jeden Mittwoch 22 – 23 Uhr
Wechsel zwischen live und Wiederholung
Wiederholung:  jeden Mittwoch 12 Uhr

the 2spacechaserz radio show and podcast is international and interplanetary. It is difficult to categorize because it combines so many elements–avant-pop and experimental music, science fiction, satire, comedy, poetry, movies, spirituality, and alternative culture–but the main focus is on the most creative music. broadcasting from the lunar colony, anita ace (queen of the moon) and music artist/producer zed mizar present an in-depth, high-fidelity show for music lovers, featuring everything from experimental electronic and neoclassical compositions to the best modern and classic pop artists like gorillaz, bjork, massive attack, kraftwerk, pinkfloyd, jimi hendrix and the doors. usually the focus is on one artist or theme per show, and there is analysis and appreciation from a musician’s point of view. many shows are all-original, with anita and zed’s musical adventures in space portrayed in their own multimedia recordings. their point of view is definitely skeptical of the view of reality presented by the mainstream corporate media, which they openly laugh at. they speak mostly in english, but their commentary is directed at their german audience. they advocate equal relationships and the musical selections are very female-friendly, favoring the melodic and danceable over the hard and brutal. although the show is available as a podcast, most shows are not uploaded to the internet, so you should listen on the radio. despite what politicians may think, music is a vitally important aspect of a meaningful life, so check out 2spacechaserz.ck

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